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Nov. 9, Deadline for public comment to FDA Docket (USA)

Hier kan je je ziekte- en/of genezingsproces vertellen, of gelijk welke ervaring met amalgaam.

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Nov. 9, Deadline for public comment to FDA Docket (USA)

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(N.B. deze mail komt van een aktiviste tegen amalgaam uit de USA; Mary Puff)

Note below: If you do not want your personal info please read instructions below. 
Please help!

Subject: Nov. 9, Deadline for public comment to FDA Docket on health risks of amalgam

Dear Friends,

Re: The Panel of neurologists, toxicologists and dental projects experts recently rejected the FDA Report claiming that amalgams were safe with no proven health risks. For complete the Transcript of the September hearing and updates go to: Consumers's for Dental Choice's website: www.toxicteeth.org.

November 9 is the deadline for public comments to the official FDA docket following the hearing.

If you, a friend or relative has suffered injuries from mercury fillings, please take a few minutes to submit your comments to the public record. If you don't want your personal contact information posted, please indicate that on your letter.

The FDA is attempting to stonewall public comments to the Docket which is the official record for individual and organizational comments as well as scientific references. Considering the longstanding FDA claim that illness from amalgam fillings is "rare", it is extremely important that each and everyone of us submit comments and supportive scientific research.

Please take a moment to read Charlie Brown's suggestions below.

Dentists, please submit your professional mercury-free experience and kindly ask your patients to submit comments about their health improvements after amalgam removal.

* Attachments are accepted.
* Books and scientific articles will be scanned in if sent as hard copy.

This must be a mass group effort to end the use of mercury in dentistry. Thank you.

Best regards,

Freya Koss
Consumers for Dental Choice
International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
My story:

P.S. The submissions will be available for public view on FDA's website.

The FDA claims that there have been only 50 adverse reaction reports from dental amalgam. HELP BUILD THE RECORDS BY SUBMITTING YOUR STORY.

Kindly send copies of your submissions to Mary Ann Newell at: BULLELKMAN@aol.com and Freya Koss, frekoss@aol.com

Synopsis of hearing from Rebecca Painter, MD. Letter to doctors and patients with sample letters.

Synopsis Letter:

Dear Doctor,

The FDA panel meeting on the neurotoxicity of mercury in amalgams was a turning of the tide for the FDA's position on mercury amalgam.

Testimonies included Representative Diane Watson, who has co-sponsored legislation to limit the use of mercury. She essentially told the FDA that if they fail to ban mercury, the legislature will.

The FDA doctor who presented the white paper was so frustrated with good questions from medical doctors that he finally said, "I was just following orders."

This is our opportunity to be heard as a medical profession and an opportunity for our patients to be heard as well.

The FDA is accepting comments into Docket No:2006N-0352 on the use of mercury in amalgam. Write your own letter and encourage your patients to do the same!

If you will send your letter to me, I will distribute packets to Representatives Watson and Dan Burton, and Senators Enzi and Kennedy, all of whom are participating in the cause, as well as to the FDA.

A sample letter for patients follows.

My health was negatively affected in many ways because of mercury fillings. I suffered from . . . .(List here)

(Describe your improvements after mercury was removed.)

Please ban mercury in dental fillings!


Joe Patient

A letter from a patient that was already sent to the FDA follows.

As a 37 year old woman I developed Writer's Cramp, a neurological disorder which could have developed into a debilitating loss of control over my entire right arm.

I underwent botulinum toxin injections into my right arm which provided temporary relief. I then underwent surgery for carpal tunnel, per the neurologist's recommendation.

My condition did not stabilize until I had 13 mercury amalgams removed and one root canal pulled.

It took many years to inprove, and I am still not 100%. But such a much better result than loss of control over my entire right arm. Many other things have improved also. An abnormal sensation of my right cheek went away and has never recurred. Fatigue improved. Colors were brighter. And I could take a deep breath and fill my lungs for the first time in several years.

Mercury amalgams should be banned.


Rebecca West
Gillette, WY

The Docket closes November 9th. Do your part and write a letter!


Rebecca Painter, M.D.
Ik ben geen dokter, wetenschapper of tandarts. Wel één van de miljoenen amalgaamslachtoffers, die nog juist genoeg gezond verstand overhoudt om het kwikvergiftigingsprobleem aan de kaak te stellen.
— We verstrekken geen medisch advies. —
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